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Photography Resources For Anyone

Think you're in the wrong place because you're not a professional? Think again! The presets, photography community, and mastering manual course are GREAT for people who just love taking pictures and want to learn more.

Hi! I'm Kelli

 I'm a 40 year old mom of 4, ranging from 20 down to 4 (three girls and the baby is a boy). I have been a professional photographer from a long time; exact date gets fuzzy but somewhere around 2007. My degree is in education and since I spent YEARS stuck in my business due to lack of accessible and helpful education, I have now decided to move into mentoring and teaching photography full time, while still taking on about 10 weddings yearly (They're my passion).


I specialize in helping people who love taking pictures make money with their camera. I am specifically great at the business side of photography and without being anything insanely special found a way to create a 6 figure business consistently. 

  • If you're just starting out, you're in the right place.¬†
  • If you're stuck and need help standing out in a saturated market, you're in the right place.
  • If you're ready to turn your average photography business into a high ticket luxury business, you're in the right place.¬†

Welcome to your one stop spot for accessible and affordable photography education! 

Let's get you started by joining my free online community for photographers of all levels. This Learn With Kelli Community is free to join and makes learning feel fun and simple. 

You will enjoy photography challenges, live lessons, fellowship with other picture lovers, and behind the scenes footage with me that isn't seen on social media. 

Get Started Below! 

LWK Community

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you're new to learning photography, you want MASTERING MANUAL!¬†
  • If you're ready to open a photography business but you're not sure where to begin, you want THE BIG COUSE - Sustainable and Profitable Photography.
  • If you want to branch into wedding photography, you want THE WEDDING WORKFLOW COURSE.
  • If you have started your business but you need help learning how to attract clients and grow you business in this digital world, you want the ELEVATION PROGRAM.

You have one year access to all courses purchased but lifetime access to all your pdf's and printables. 

Almost every course and program I offer has a payment plan option. Also, if you select the one payment option, you will be offered Afterpay at checkout. 

Occasionally I will offer two month 1:1 programs that include two one hour private meetings monthly. These are designed with the client and focus one whatever area you want to grow. Please email Kelli directly to find out if any spots are available: [email protected]

1:1 Two Month Mentoring is $1500 and you are offered a payment plan upon booking. 

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Let's get you started with the Mastering Manual Course. Inside of this short and affordable class I will show you exactly how to use your camera correctly. 

You will master your camera settings, no matter where you're beginning. 

This class is prerecorded and self-paced so you can watch and learn on your own schedule! 

Get The Class

16 Lightroom Desktop + Mobile Presets - Inspired and Refined

After 15 years in photography, I decided to save my editing style and prepare them in a what to make editing easier for all! These presets are great for professionals and those who simply want a cohesive feed. 

Get The Presets


Photography Business Coaching

Elevation is the new 3 month group coaching program for current photographers who want to grow their business in 2024. The first group will begin January 2, 2024. Class dates and times are released and you can review them now!

Spots limited to ensure you get the attention you deserve. 

This program includes:

  • 2 monthly live online classes
  • Clear and Direct Outline where students know what they're getting BEFORE they pay.
  • Monthly Social Media Content Calendars.
  • All classes are recorded for playback.
  • Monthly Live Q+A sessions to supplement the material
  • Applicable lessons and not just a motivational/mindset program.
Elevation Registration


I'm now offering a free way to learn photography for 7 days! 

Throughout the challenge I will provide you with daily tips, an assignment based on what you've learned, and a free one month membership to my LWK community for you to post, grow, and develop your passion for photography!

Join The Challenge

Do you think you'd like to start a business?

I remember dreaming of being a "real" photographer and wasting years thinking I could never be good enough. Do you find yourself daily thinking how great it could be just to talk yourself out of it over and over again? Are you afraid of trying and failing or thinking there are already so many, why would anyone choose you? I GET IT. Learn more about my complete course for new photographers, it might be just what you need to finally start that business of your dreams. Life is short, you should live it. Learn more about the Photography Starter Course: Sustainable and Profitable Photography using the link below..


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