Do you want to finally  MASTER shooting in MANUAL?

Learn not only about the settings on your camera, but how, when, and why to adjust them. Feel confident behind the lens as an amateur or new professional!


Did you know that on average, a family pays $450 per mini-session?

Learning to shoot in manual correctly doesn't have to mean you want to earn money with your camera, it might just mean you want to SAVE money with your camera.


Why take the Mastering Manual Course?

I walk you step by step through what you need to know, why you need to know it, how to make the adjustments on your camera, and even include small assignments to build your confidence as you go! 

  • Take better pictures immediately after watching this course which streamlines everything your need to know about shooting in manual.
  • Learn from a certified teacher who knows how to clearly communicate 
  • Immediately feel more confident by increasing your photography vocabulary helping you learn from others down the line! 
  • Take better photographs by learning how to master light through just knowing what buttons to press and when.
  • Take better photo's of subjects moving quickly by mastering shutter speed. 
  • Take better photo's in less than ideal lighting situations by mastering ISO.
  • Take photo's that leave the perfect bokeh with all your subjects in focus by mastering aperture. 
  • This course is perfect for parents who want great candids at home and new professionals ready to step up their game.
  • As a bonus receive the scenarios and settings cheat sheet cards that prompt you with what settings to begin with in different situations.

Yes, It Really Is This Easy!

Take better pictures today!

No more searching youtube and closing your computer frustrated just to throw that camera back in the closet and grab your phone again. 


What if you could take your own beautiful pictures anywhere?

  • The goal at the soccer game
  • Christmas Morning unwrapping gifts
  • On your beach vacation with the family
  • Papaws 80th birthday

I bet you're in a season of your life when good things are happening all around you that you don't want to forget or hire a photographer to remember. What if you could be the one to easily capture those memories?


The Mastering Manual Course

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Take this online class when you can, on your own timeline.

This course is build with the busy student in mind and makes starting, stopping, and picking back up easily where you left off possible!!

I created this course thinking of myself 15 years ago...

What did I need someone to just show me how to do? What parts of learning photography did most people make far too difficult? If I never wanted to make a dollar from photography, what did I need to know just to take good pictures of my own kids?

  • Build your confidence
  • Build your knowledge
  • Build your skill
  • Use your new talent to document memories forever, whether those are for your own family or others.

What's Included In The Course...

Know what to expect! No surprises or disappointments here!

MODULE 1, 2, + 3

The Essentials

  • Why switching to manual will change your ability and progress.
  • How to immediately increase your image quality.
  • The setting triangle the professionals speak about but rarely explain, explained. 

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of why learning to use your camera in manual is a valuable skill regardless of how you plan to use those skills. 

MODULE 4, 5, + 6

The Triangle Simplified

Shutter Speed. ISO. Aperture.

  • How to find, adjust, and use your shutter speed to impact clarity and light. 
  • How to find, adjust, and use ISO for correct exposure without compromising the quality of your image. 
  • How to find, adjust, and use your aperture to make sure your image in correctly focused and sharp (if that's what you're going for) every time and how to create professional looking images with beautiful bokeh. 

BONUS: Setting Situations

  • View different situations and see what setting you show start with.
  • Print the PDF and use these as a cheat sheet.

You’ll finish this lesson with practical and applicable ways to begin shooting in manual without delay. 

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to take better pictures.
  • You are often overwhelmed trying to figure out how to apply what you learn on youtube and through other free options.
  • You want to fully understand manual photography and use your camera.
  • You want to capture more memories and hire a professional less often.
  • You want to take your photography passion to the next level and build confidence in a safe environment. 

I'm Kelli Carrico

After graduating from Concord University in 2005, I spent 6 years teaching English at our local high school. I come from a long line of teachers and I do believe it is something I was always meant to do in some capacity. 

After quickly realizing I couldn't financially afford to live the life I dreamed about, I decided to attempt to turn my passion for photography into a real career and did just that in 2007. I did photography as a side hustle for a few years and finally quit teaching in schools in 2012 to pursue photography full time. 

Since "retiring" I figured out how to make this photography thing work and my husband and I have traveled the world shooting magazine covers, maternity shoots, and luxury weddings. 

Now, at age 41, it's time to slow it down and focus on helping others to use their camera to make their life a little more memorable; whether that means taking great pictures at a soccer game or moving into full time professional photography. 

The desire to help more people enter the industry backed with solid experienced based knowledge led me to creating Learn With Kelli; an education based company for photographers at all levels. 

"I've never been more inspired!"

- Erin Hurst

"Manual mode is a GAME CHANGER!"

-Melena Lawson

"You explain things better than anyone I have ever followed!"

- Brenda Howells
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