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Tired of feeling like you're editing your life away trying to get the perfect look?

I remember spending 10 minutes per image often to be left feeling defeated. I would think I did a great job but then would look at the gallery to find inconsistent images and a social media feed that made no sense. 

These presets are designed with the photographer in mind. 

I have developed 16 different options based on different lighting scenarios and styles to ensure in each situation, you have an option that will work. 

Designed for simple one click changes.

Presets are designed for specific lighting scenarios. My advice is to scroll over your preset options and choose the one that best fits your desired style.

Once you find the one that works best for you, select and tweak exposure as needed. These presets are in my style which is light and airy but there is such a variety you'll find there is something for everyone!

This process will take actual seconds and save you hours and hours of editing time! 



KCP Presets

Compatible with Desktop or Mobile! 

  • 10 base presets
  • 6 refined options
  • Designed with the light and neutral photographer in mind but something for everyone
  • Invest in saving so much time! 

Neutral and Bright


Film Inspired


Soft and Cool

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Lightroom Classic and Mobile

The KCP presets are easy to lead and come with directions to help you get started. Don't stress where and when you can use them as they are ready for you desktop or mobile device. 


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Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner. 

I am a former English teacher and have been a professional photographer for 15 years. I battled against budget and time constraints for years as I taught myself most everything about business, photography and editing. Every time I leveled up it was hard and long. I would spend hours googling and youtubing "how to _____" everything when it came to photoshop and shooting in manual. 

Now, as a seasoned veteran, my goal it to simplify the process for photographers, both new and experienced as they grow. I hope to help people feel good about their photography faster, whether amateur or professional. 

"These presets are AMAZING. One click and it did it all!"

Jillian Oar

"Used your presets on my sessions. OBSESSED."

Rachael DeCaria

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