$199.00 USD


The Wedding Workflow Course

The Wedding Workflow Course is IDEAL for the wedding photographer who wants to feel in control without being controlling. In this course you will learn:

  • What to do before the wedding to help yourself and the bride create a smooth day.

  • Where to go and what to get upon arrival on a wedding day. 

  • Where to stand to help yourself create beautiful images efficiently. 

  • What your role will be even when time runs tight. 

  • What to do before the ceremony begins to make sure you feel prepared and confident. 

  • Where to stand for smooth shooting during a wedding ceremony.

  • The role of a second shooter and why they are worth the money.

  • What order to take post wedding photo's to keep as many people happy as possible. 

  • What you don't want to miss at a reception and who should be in charge and why.

You will also receive printable PDF's you can tweak to your brand to share with your brides to implement this process immediately. 

Current Wedding Photographers: You will finally feel as prepared and professional as you look 

New Wedding Photographers: This is the exact course I wish I had when I started and intentionally answers all the questions my current students have about shooting weddings.